The ACT Center is pleased to offer students and professionals from around the world the opportunity to study Arabic during the Summer and academic year in the vibrant heart of downtown Tunis!

Modern Standard Arabic:

-- Weekday Mornings 9am-12pm/Monday-Friday;

-- 75 hours per term;

-- $675 tuition per term; $1250 per seasonal session (2 terms)

-- Small group MSA classes (3-5 students) are available at the following levels:

* Beginner Alif Baa+Al-Kitaab 1, Units 1-7

* High-Beginner Al-Kitaab 1, Units 8-14

* Intermediate Al-Kitaab 1, Units 15-20

* High-Intermediate Al-Kitaab 2+ACT Media Book 1

* Advanced Al-Kitaab 3+ACT Media Book 2

Tunisian Dialect:

-- Weekday Afternoons 2pm-4pm/Monday-Friday;

-- 50 hours per term;

-- $360 tuition per term; $650 per seasonal session (2 terms)

-- Small group Tunisian Dialect classes (from 3-5 students) are available at the following levels:

* Beginner Tunisian Dialect (ACT Dialect Book 1)

* Intermediate Tunisian Dialect (ACT Dialect Book 2)

* Advanced Tunisian Dialect (Media & Politics Immersion)Limited spaces are available.

To apply email: actcenter.contact@gmail.com


Upcoming Exchanges

The Exchange Foundation is an effort by the non-profit, 501 (C)3 Foundation for Global Political Exchange to promote professional and academic enrichment through a variety of small group, direct engagement conferences in Western Asia and North Africa.

During their stay, typically lasting five days to one week, participants from around the world listen to and question leading intellectuals, activists and politicians representing an array of different points of view in a specific country.

The first Exchange was launched in June 2008 in Beirut, Lebanon. Now, thirteen years on, more than 850 people from 51 different countries have attended 40 different Exchanges in the region.

Crucially, all funding for the Exchange comes from only two sources: The participants themselves who pay the participation fee or scholarship recipients who benefit from individual, charitable contributions designed specifically to broaden the social, political and geographic diversity of each Exchange table. As such, there is no government, commercial or non-profit support, an aspect that we believe provides a relatively neutral platform for dialogue and understanding.

Listen to and question leading intellectuals, activists and politicians from the Arab world

Broad social, political and geographic diversity of speakers

Creating a neutral platform for dialogue and understanding

More than 850 participants, 51 countries, 40 different Exchanges

The best immersion course on a country in transition I’ve seen.

Dr. Alfred Stepan

Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University

Time-tested technique and tactful diplomacy enables The Exchange to achieve an environment conducive to attention, dialogue and reflection.

Dr. Jalel Harchaoui

Research Fellow of the Conflict Research Unit of the Clingendael Institute

There could not exist a more thorough and intensive immersion into Lebanese history and politics than The Exchange.

Nathan Wexler

Phd. candidate at UC Berkley

A well-oiled program that brings you an impressive number and selection of speakers from across the spectrum. Worth every penny!

I learned more in my 10 days at the Beirut Exchange than in any university course! This was a wonderful experience filled with fascinating speakers.

Oliva Holt-Ivry

Nicole Sganga

Senior Programs Advisor on Women, Peace, and Security, U.S. Department of State

CBS News reporter

Illuminating and life changing experience. I will recall the Exchange as one of the most authentic educational experiences of my life.

Sahar Rizvi


Who should register?

NGO Practitioners

& Officers

Foreign Diplomats
& Analysts

& Faculty

Journalists & Media Professionals

Past Exchanges

Intensive & Immersive Courses on Western Asia & North Africa

Unique access to information, perspectives, updates and analysis.

Access to information

Gain direct insight and rare first-hand knowledge about the country from a wide range of perspectives.

First-hand knowledge

Engage with speakers during the sessions and connect with them after the Exchange.

Connect with speakers

Participants will have the opportunity to meet, listen and engage leading social, political and economic actors from across the spectrum in Western Asia and North Africa

Dialogue with Leaders

Upcoming Exchanges

The 14th Tunis Exchange

Our first post-COVID, in-person Exchange will kick off in Yerevan on September 19, 2021, one year after the latest Armenia-Azerbaijan war.

September 19-26, 2021

The 7th Yemen Exchange

The Yemen Exchange is an intensive online version of the Yemen Exchange organized by the Sana’a Center and The Exchange Foundation since 2017.

April 19-30, 2021

The 1st Armenia Exchange

To be held virtually over four Thursday and Saturday mornings (EST time), in partnership with Georgetown University's Democracy and Governance Center.

May 27-June 19, 2021

(Applications open April 1)

(Applications open March 15)

(Applications now open)

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